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About us


LD&D, Inc. can utilize the appeal of technological wizardry to successfully capture the attention and respect of today's more complex and often more jaded audiences. As applied to marketing environments, the tools of technology in marketing are a synthesis of cutting-edge psychology, technology, communication  and good theater.


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Welcome to LD&D, Inc.

What differentiates our company from others is our extensive knowledge of exhibits and environmental spaces when combined with people, information, and activity. We understand how people react and interact within different environments, and focus on those conditions that achieve the best results for our customers.

Although designing and building an exhibit, museum, display, or event space isn't easy, there are many companies performing these services. Unfortunately, the majority of these companies are not market savvy, not in tune to the difference between pretty exhibits and displays vs. one that will produce unsurpassed results.

We create captivating, cost effective environments that are conducive to interaction, education, and sales.

To complement our custom exhibits, we've just launched Lucky Dog Displays - our brand new online store!  Here you can browse through hundreds of exhibit related items.  From banner stands and literature racks to truss systems and lighting, you're sure to find something to help fill your exhibit needs!


Our services can best be summarized as producing environments. An exhibit, display, museum, stage, or lobby is just another space with structure unless you make it captivating.

An environment is immersive, encompassing, and interesting. People within this environment are less distracted while in this captivating environment. We'll show you how to create marketing environments that captivates your audience.

Why settle for status quos when you can create an experience, a marketing environment. 

A Long History

Over twenty five years in the industry has provided many opportunities to build alliances, trade affiliations, and an extensive bank of resources upon which to draw. Our long history and growth is built on an untarnished record of  performance, commitment, and consistency. We've stayed abreast of changing trends, technology, and marketing strategies to keep you ahead of your competition.

Our credibility throughout the industry reflects our standard of excellence.


LD&D, Inc. has made it our passion to integrate technology, engineering techniques, and unique materials into our projects. Interactive anthropomorphic robotics, lightweight carbon fiber fabrication, hydro-sonic directional audio, virtual simulations, advanced computer applications, and many other techniques and technologies are infused into our environments to enhance the experience.

We are extremely skilled with technical applications, so much so, NASA has been a longstanding customer for over fifteen years and recently awarded LD&D, Inc. a five year exclusive contract.

Technology comes at a price, however, LD&D, Inc. has an extensive inventory of equipment and resources available for rental or purchase. If you need something unique to set your environment apart, we'll build it or find it.

LD&D, Inc. can provide computer network systems, electronic rental equipment, lead management systems, interactive kiosks, and can create electronic media. In fact, this site was produced in house and is hosted on our own servers.

With LD&D, Inc. you'll stand above your competition in a competitive market!


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