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  Technology Integration in Marketing

LD&D, Inc. utilizes the appeal of technological wizardry to more successfully capture the attention and respect of today's more complex and often more jaded consumer and media audiences. As applied to marketing environments, the tools of marketing are a synthesis of cutting-edge technologies, communication psychology and good theater.

With a sound appreciation for the modern attendees mindset, LD&D, Inc. assists its clients in understanding how to attract consumers, communicate and direct them, forge lasting relationships, and - by association with the marketing experience - develop a favorable outlook towards a given product or service.

In addition to its continuing introduction of some of the most cutting-edge technologies for marketing, communication, entertainment and advertisement, LD&D, Inc. is leader in integrating  advanced interactive robotic systems, including extremely robust, mobile interactive robotic mascots and spokespersons, reliable anthropomorphic hydraulic animatronics (which employ water instead of hydraulic fluids), and advanced electric animatronics with proprietary software (permitting the development of creations such as realistic extremely believable motions).

These technologies of advanced robotic systems are considered as the Rolls Royce of our industry and are among the most powerful, entertaining and successful marketing tools  available  today,  due  to  their  uncanny  ability  to mimic idiosyncratic human behavior and to communicate with your target audiences while displaying a propensity for being cultured, educated, informed, witty, diplomatic, humanitarian, compassionate, sensitive, and generally very likable.

Their impressive engineering and design, coupled with their superior linguistic and comedic talents, also makes them very appealing to the media. These adult-size and multilingual Robotic Spokespersons are far from being seen as gimmicks and are ideally suited to representing your product and image, while having the uncanny power to communicate more freely and intimately with your audiences.

Technologies include:

bulletMobile Communication Robots
bulletAnthropomorphic Robots
bulletSegway Human Transporter
bulletHypersonic Sound-Beam
bulletHolographic Transparent Glass Screens
bulletCybernetic Actors
bulletWalk-through Fog Projection Screens
bulletHuman Talking Head (without torso)
bulletAnimatronic Video Head in Glass Dome
bulletVideo Mannequin
bulletRemote Controlled UFO and other Flying Crafts
bulletMusic Composing Water Sculptures
bulletInteractive Robotic Talking Car
bulletDancing Banners
bulletSolid Object Hologram Projectors
bulletGiant Flat Plasma Gas Displays
bulletAnti-Gravity Waterfall
bullet360 Degree LED Spinning Columns & Towers



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